A new design for our #1 selling childrens item !  Our 3" block letters on a 12" white or natural pegrack.  This is a perfect size for 3 letter names. Shown here is our cotton candy pastels with butterflies, absolutely a sweet sweet baby gift!  Choose your wood , white or natural.  Choose your colors for the name, cotton candy, bright pastels, primary colorsl nautical, or original sport (brown football, white baseball, orange basketball) and choose your design, hearts, butterflies, giraffes & elephants, stars & moons, tulips, sports, trains, sailboats, ladybugs (all red, white and black), dragonflies or whales.  This comes gift wrapped in clear cellophane with matching ribbons! Be sure to enlarge photo for details!

3" (3 letter names) Pegracks, Personalized