Our exclusive Americana Heart wreath is ours and ours alone!  The 18" grapevine wreath adorned with pip berries (colors may vary)  holds the 18" Americana heart beautifully!  Add the off white banner with painted stars for the perfect Personalized touch, whether it says "Celebrate Summer" , God bless the USA, Celebrate America or the family name, i.e. "The Hartmans", it is sure to please!  This wreath is beautiful year round but especially thru the summer months!!!  This is great for a front/back door, or beautiful in front of a fireplace!
When personalizing choose free hand $38 or stencil $44 (one time fee of $6 per name i.e. The Langs , this stencil then can be used over and over on any other products you may purchase!) 
 A $3-$4 additional charge may be added depending on where we are shipping to, also hold on to the box this comes in , it is perfect for storing your wreath!

18" Americana Heart Wreath